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Sotenäs Marina Återvinningscentral

Sotenäs Marine Recycling Center

Marina återvinningscentralen

At Sotenäs marine recycling center we collect, separate and sort out discarded fishing gear, marine litter and ghost fishing gear. We sort out various metals and mono plastic fractions PP, PE, PA and PET for recycling.


The marine recycling center started 2018 and is situated on the West Coast of Sweden and is driven by the municipality of Sotenäs. We work in different projects with the vision of a plastic free and clean ocean.

In 2020 we started a national collection system called Fiskereturen where we collect discarded fishing gear in the whole of Sweden. The project is financed by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and is a collaboration between Keep Sweden Tidy, Fiskarföreningen Norden and Båtskroten.


In connection to the marine recycling center we have established a small testbed to support innovation and ideas with the marine plastic as a resource. It’s possible for companies to use the equipment to grind, melt, extrude and press plastic on a small scale level.


With a marine recycling center the municipality wants to contribute to a sustainable solution for the marine waste and EOL fishing gear, as well as cleaner seas and coastlines. The center also generates green, local and important jobs.



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